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 Southeast Landforms


        We learned that the Southeast region of the United States has many unique landforms.  We looked at maps and learned the definitions of the landforms.  Then, we used KidPix to make our own diagram of the different Southeast landforms.



Click here to see student made diagrams!



The coast is the land right next to the ocean.  The coasts in the Southeast have low elevation and many popular beaches are found there.


The outer coastal plain is next to the coast.  It has low elevation and floods easily.  Wetlands, such as swamps, are found on the outer coastal plain.  One famous swamp is the Okefenokee Swamp.  It is located in southern Georgia and northern Florida.  Alligators can be found living in many swamps in the Southeast.


The inner coastal plain is even further inland.  It has higher elevation than the outer coastal plain.  Many people call the inner coastal plain home. 


Next, you find the piedmont which means “foot of the mountain”.  It has a much higher elevation than the coastal plains.  Rivers that flow through the piedmont fall to the lower elevation coastal plains and create waterfalls.  The line between the piedmont and the coastal plains is called the “fall line”.  Many waterfalls are found here.


After the piedmont, are the Appalachian Mountains.  The Appalachian Mountains run through much of the east coast of the United States, but they are known as “Appalachia” in the Southeast region.





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