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Text Box: Red Writing Hood
By: Jane Tesh





        What does a wolf in a tutu, Goldilocks in bear ears, and two princes fighting over Cinderella have in common?  They are all part of the play “Red Writing Hood” written by Jane Tesh.  In the story, Red Riding (Writing) Hood doesn’t like the way her story is heading and starts changing the scripts of popular fairy tales.  Red “Writing” Hood doesn’t think about the consequences of her changes and soon there is chaos in the land of fairy tales.  That is…until the FBI (Fairy Tale Believers Incorporated) shows up…

        The 4th graders performed their play for an audience of parents and students.  Before putting on the play, the 4th graders had to choose their parts, practice their lines, plan their movements and acting, create scenery, find props, and do a dress rehearsal.  They did a wonderful job and the audience really enjoyed the play.



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