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4th Grade Celebrates Pig Day

With “Pigericks




        March 1st is “National Pig Day” and is a day to find out just how special pigs are!  Even though we think of pigs when we say things like “…your room is a pig-sty…”, pigs are actually very intelligent and clean animals.  Pigs roll in the mud to cover their skin so they don’t get too hot or sunburned.


        The 4th graders created “Pigericks” in honor of pig day.  Pigericks” are actually limerick poems about pigs.  A limerick is a special kind of 5-line poem that follows a special pattern.  Limericks have one couplet (or two rhyming lines) and a triplet (three rhyming lines).  Limericks are usually easy to spot because they often start like this: “There once was a…”


We wrote a pig-erick as a class, then students wrote their own.


The Elmwood Park Pig

By: Room 219


There once was a pig from Elmwood Park

Who was terrified of the dark.

When he went to bed

His mother always said,

“Under your bed there is a shark!”



Watch Author’s Chair Readings of our Pigericks!

              Please be patient, the videos that take a minute to load!

Pigerick #1

Pigerick #2

Pigerick #3




Pigerick Pictures







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