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Mrs. Kanas’s Penguin WebQuest

 Tasks (.pdf)

 Vocabulary Worksheet (.pdf)

 Penguin Research Sheet (.pdf)




Brookfield Zoo has contacted our classroom to help them research different species of penguins for their new exhibit. 



Your job is to choose a species of penguin from the following list, find information from the websites listed on this page, and then complete your assigned tasks.  You can choose to research the Adélie, Emperor, Humboldt, Rockhopper, or Macaroni penguin.



Websites to Use:

* Adélie Penguin

* Emperor Penguin

* Humboldt Penguin

* Rockhopper Penguin

* Macaroni Penguin




* Penguin Vocabulary

* Penguin WebCam #1

* Penguin WebCam #2

* Penguin WebCam #3





I’m Done!  Now What?:


* Penguin Puzzle #1

* Penguin Puzzle #2

* March of the Penguins Egg Game

* Cone Crazy – Penguin Multiplication Game

* Penguin Logic Puzzle

* Arctic Antics Penguin Game

* Penguin Photo Slideshow







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