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Click on a subject to see the wonderful work that the students have done this school year!




Language Arts                          Social Studies                                              Math


Science                                                 Holidays








Language Arts

Harvest Haikus

Fractured Fairy Tales

Charlotte’s Web Play

“Night Before Christmas” poems

“Look to the North” – Looking for Wolves using our 5 senses

The Saguaro Cactus

“Book Report in a Bottle”

Sweet Surprise – Hershey Kiss Descriptive Paragraph

“Red Writing Hood” Class Play

Dr. Seuss Day


Egg-cellent Descriptions

March – Lion or Lamb








Social Studies

Social Studies Music Videos – “Longitude & Latitude” and “Seven Continents” songs

KidPix Landform Illustrations

Northeast Snapshots

Northeast Indian Powwow

History of the Northeast Fashion Show

Southeast Landform Maps

Cherokee Indians of the Southeast

Civil War Artifacts

Lincoln Voice Threads

Cherokee Booger Masks

Pysanky Eggs

Cowboys and the Wild West

Women’s History Month “Breakfast Biographies”







Symmetry Skeletons

Jellybean Probability

Leap for Leap Year

M&M Graphing & Data Activity





Spider Life Cycle Spinners

“Fun with Forces” music video

Gravity & Inertia Lab

Kinetic & Potential Energy

Exploring Simple Machines

Negative and Positive Charges Experiment

Cloud Types

Volcanoes & Rocks

Painted Lady Butterflies







Symmetrical Skeletons

Harvest Haikus

“Night Before Christmas” poems

Ornaments made from Recyclables

Running Resolutions

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Chinese New Year

Dr. Seuss Day


Egg-cellent Descriptions

Pysanky Eggs

March – Lion or Lamb

Earth Day

Pet Day