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Northeast Indian Powwow



The 4th graders read about the American Indians of the Northeast in their social studies books.  We learned that the Narragansett Indian Tribe had a society based on cooperation and their leader was called a sachem.  We also learned that the Narragansett Tribe, as well as other Northeast tribes, held celebrations called powwows.


In our classroom powwow, we came up with a native name and wrote in using symbols on a “bear skin”. 



We also learned that corn was an important staple and was used in every meal.  Corn could be eaten boiled, could be ground up into corn meal, mixed into corn mush, or made into bread.  We also learned the American Indians used every part of the corn plant to make dolls, baskets, and other items.  The 4th graders practiced grinding corn and explored the different parts of the plant.



The 4th graders learned that the American Indians of the Northeast made special bracelets out of shells called wampum.  The bracelets and belts were used to record special events and were used to trade for other goods.  A long time ago, wampum bracelets were only made out of purple and white shells.  Now they are made out of many different colors.

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