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March Activities


“Lion or Lamb” Calendar

Does March really come in like a lion and out like a lamb?  We observed the weather everyday for the month of March to find out.


We decided that a “lion” day was a day that was rainy, snowy, cold, or very windy.


We decided that a “lamb” day was a day that was sunny, partly cloudy, mild, warm, breezy, and pleasant.


 Each student was assigned a day in March to observe the weather.  The student decided if the day was a “lion” or a “lamb” and then looked up the weather statistics on


Our March “Lion or Lamb” Calendar



You can see by looking at our calendar that the beginning of March started out with 9 “lion” days in a row.  At the end of March, there was 8 “lamb” days in a row.  But, March ended with a snowstorm on March 31st, the first day of our Spring Break!  March was going out like a lamb but it looks like the lion wanted to get the last roar!





Poem Kites


The 4th graders made diamond shape poems and then wrote their poems on a kite.







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