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 Punctuation Paintball - use an interactive paintball gun to correct punctuation and capitalization in sentences.


* Word Jungle - use clues to match words with their definitions.


* Grammar Gorillas - Help the grammar gorillas correctly identify the different parts of speech.


* Word Confusion - Help clear up the word confusion by testing your word knowledge and choosing the correct   

     homophone that completes each sentence.


* The Plural Girls - Hang out with the Plural Girls and correctly choose the correct spelling of each plural word.



















 Build a Bug – Each correct answer to a math problem will help you build your bug.


* Operation Order – It’s time to exercise your brain!  Use numbers and operations to find the answer.


* Measure It! – Use your measuring skills to help measure lines in inches and centimeters.


* Change Maker – Figure out how many of each bill or coin you expect to get back when you pay for something.


* Math Arcade – Can you beat all 25 games in the arcade?


* Interactive Suduko – Use your brain power to try and solve the Suduko puzzle.






























* Virtual Archaeology – learn what kinds of tools archaeologists use and investigate ancient cities.


 Kids Go Wild – This website is all about endangered animals!  You can read animal facts, read news about your favorite animals, and

play games in the arcade.


* SwitcherZoo – Explore the habitats of different animals and create new animals by mixing and matching heads, legs, tails, and more!              What kind of animals can you create?


* Virtual Worm – See inside a worm without getting your hands dirty!


* Biomes of the World – Find out what it’s like to live on a tundra, what animals live in the desert, and why wetlands are important.


* KoKo’s Scrapbook – Take a peak into the scrapbook of KoKo – the gorilla who knows sign language! 


* Virtual Honeybee Hive – See what goes on inside a honeybee hive without getting stung!


* Zap!  - Test your reaction time with this fun, interactive site.  You will be testing your visual and audio reaction times.
































* Explore the States – Click on the interactive U.S. map to learn about the 50 states that make up our country.


 U.S. State Games– Play interactive games to practice and quiz yourself on U.S. states, capitals, and regions.  What a great way to study!


* U.S. Mint Time Machine – Choose what time period you want to explore from the interactive timeline.


* Kids Dig Reed – Explore a U.S. archaeological site from 150 years ago!  Look at civil war and farm artifacts, learn about how

            archaeologists find clues about the past, and play fun games!


















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