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Leap into LEAP YEAR!

What Causes Leap Year?       

February 29th, 2008 is Leap Year!  Leap Year only happens once every four years.  Leap Years are added to the calendar every four years to keep the calendar working properly.  The annual calendar is matched up with Earth’s solar year, or how long it takes Earth to revolve around the sun.  Earth’s solar year is 365.25 days.  Every 4 years the .25 days are added together to make another full day.



4th Graders Celebrate Leap Year

        The 4th graders had the chance to “Leap” into the Leap Year.  In Physical Education class, Mrs. Scimeca told us that a “leap” was when you pushed off one foot and landed on the opposite foot.  We had a leaping contest in our room.  Each student stood at the staring line and did their best leap.  We recorded all of the leaps on a data table.  After looking at our data, we found the average distance, the median distance for the boys and girls, and looked for the mode.


The furthest leap recorded was 83 inches by Victoria.

The mean, or average, leap for our class was 64.25 inches.


The 4th graders made kangaroos out of paper bags and recorded their leap on the kangaroo.


Victoria getting ready to take her winning leap.







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