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4th Graders are

Going On a Leaf Walk!

††††††† Autumn is the perfect time to bring together things we have learned about so far in 4th grade.In science, we recently learned about the process photosynthesis and how plants make food.We read that plants have a substance called chlorophyll in their leaves that makes them green.When autumn comes, there is not enough sunlight and the green from the chlorophyll fades away, revealing the beautiful colors we love to look at.

††††††† We also read about animal and plant adaptations in science.Plants have special adaptations that help them survive the winter months.Some plants lose their leaves during the winter.Other plants, evergreens, have thin, waxy needles that help conserve water so they can survive the winter.

††††††† In social studies, we read that trees are natural resources.Many things we use in our every day lives including paper, furniture, and medicines, all come from trees.While studying the history of our community, we learned that Elmwood Park has many elm trees around the community.

††††††† We made leaf identification wheels to help us identify trees by looking at their leaves.Here are links to page 1 and page 2 so you can print out your own identification wheel!