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4th Graders Write Scrumptious Descriptive Paragraphs





        What do Hershey Kisses have to do with descriptive writing?  Plenty!  Each student was given a Hershey Kiss and had to wait to eat it.  This was the hardest part of the assignment!

First we talked about what the Hershey Kiss looked like.  Students described the Hershey Kiss’s appearance with words like “cone-shaped”, “shiny”, “silver”, and “tiny”.  The students wanted to eat their Hershey Kisses, but we had more work to do!

Then the students smelled their Hershey Kisses.  We discussed the way they smelled.  We thought of words such as “sweet”, “delicious”, “mouth-watering”, and “yummy”.  Now it was finally time to eat our Hershey Kiss!

After the students ate their Hershey Kiss, we talked about how it tasted.  We had so many words to describe the taste of our Hershey Kisses!  With smiles on their faces, the students started writing their descriptive paragraph.  They had two choices to choose from: (1) write a descriptive paragraph about a Hershey Kiss or (2) invent a new kind of candy and write a descriptive paragraph about it. 

Mrs. Kanas had a very hard time grading these assignments because the descriptions Hershey Kisses and invented candy made her very hungry!




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