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Harvest Haikus









The 4th graders wrote Haikus about their favorite part about autumn.

A haiku is a Japanese poem with 3 lines.  Each line has a certain

number of syllables.  The first line has 5 syllables, the second

line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables. 


We hope you enjoy reading these wonderful poems about autumn!



Fall leaves

By: Adan


Colorful and bright

Falling down to the cracked ground

It always will stay




Cold weather

By: Alex


It is cold outside

I love cold weather so much

I hope it stays cold





Halloween Fun

By: Alyssa


Costumes, Candy, Fun

Trick -Or- Treating, Fun, Parties

Enjoyable Games!!!






By: David D.


Touchdown for the Bears.

Bears win!  Bears win OH YA bears.

Then the bears partied.





By: Deborah


Halloween spooky!

Trick or treating is awesome!

Everyone looks cool!






By: Julia


Deliciously Good.

The turkey is the best part.

I love Thanksgiving.




Halloween Fun

By: Kaitlyn


Halloween is fun,

Candy, treats, costumes, and more!

Spooky, scary, fun




Christopher Columbus

By: Marcos


Santa Maria

Christopher sailed the one sea

Queen Isabella




Halloween Fun

By: Rachaun


Candy, costumes, fun

Kids have fun and trick-or-treat

I like to eat treats




Red Eyes

By: Oliwia


Angels flitter down.

The devils say ”surrender”.

While red eyes watch.




Halloween Candy

By: Redi


Halloween candy

Lollypop, starburst, snickers.

I love sweet candy






By: Regan


Halloween is cool

Sweet candy with weird ghouls

It’s so scary





Halloween candy
By: Ryan


Candy and chocolate

Costumes and jack-o-lanterns

Halloween parties





By: Savannah


Costumes, candy, fun

Halloween Celebrations

Trick or treat, parties





By: Tori


So much good candy

Costumes funny and scary

Such a spooky night!!!!!!




Falling Leaves

BY: Victoria


Beautiful yellow

Leaves falling down from branches

To the cold sidewalk.





By: Vinci

Touchdown for the bears

The bears win the Super Bowl

They celebrated




Vjershë = Poem

By: Xhorxha


Green, red, orange

Gjelbër, i kuq, portokalli



The leaves fall
gjethet bien

The trees are empty

Pemët janë bosh





By: Zoe


They can climb trees well.

Squirrels are the best thing ever.

Squirrels are so cool.




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