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4th Graders “Go Green” for the Holidays!


        Even though Earth Day is months away, the 4th Graders in Room 219 know that taking care of the environment should happen everyday!  The 4th graders used different materials, that otherwise would have been thrown away, to create beautiful holiday decorations and ornaments.




Recycled CD’s

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, every month 100,000 pounds of CDs become outdated, useless, or unwanted.  The 4th graders collected CD’s that they no longer wanted and created photo ornament.  They decorated their ornament with bits of scrap wrapping paper.




Recycled Creamer Containers

          As soon as you peel off the label of these creamer containers, you immediately think….SNOWMAN!  The 4th graders recycled creamer containers and made adorable snowman with bits of ribbon, bows, and other decorations.  Each snowman or snowwoman had a completely unique look!





Recycled Gloves

        The 4th graders found a use for single gloves that had no match!  Turn the glove upside-down, add some antlers, and you’ve got yourself a reindeer!




Recycled Wrapping Paper

        After we used scraps of wrapping paper for our CDs, we created “Holiday Windows” in Language Arts.  The students cut out a window shape out of black paper.  Then they put the wrapping paper behind the windows.  On the bottom, they attached two holiday similes (a description using the words “like” or “as”). 




Recycled Puzzle Pieces

        The 4th graders brought in puzzles with missing pieces.  Instead of throwing away these puzzles, we recycled the pieces into a holiday ornament.  We took the puzzle pieces and arranged them in a circle so it created a “wreath”.




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