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Famous People of the Northeast

Fashion Show


Did you know that Albert Einstein was an immigrant from Germany?  After learning about famous people of the Northeast region, including immigrants who came into the country through Ellis Island, our class held a History Fashion Show.  Each student chose what “personality” from history they wanted to be.  They composed a “cue card” for the announcer to read during the fashion show, stating who they were and why they were important.


Here are the pictures from our History Fashion show!




                             Madeline Albright, the first female U.S. Secretary of State would have been proud!



                             Alexander Graham Bell with models of his invention….the telephone!




                                    A mustache, crazy hair, and a microscope….they must be famous scientist, Albert Einstein!




                                    The infamous Benjamin Franklin…          steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie…             and the 2nd President, John Adams.






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