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4th Grade Fractured Fairy Tales


        We read The Stinky Cheese Man, written by Jon Scieszka.  After reading the book, the 4th graders wrote their own “Fractured Fairy Tales”.  Read the fairy tales below.  They might seem familiar, but you will never guess the crazy, mixed-up endings!







The Good Apple  by: Kaitlyn

Ok, I know all of you know the story of Snow White, right?  Well here is how it really went…

          Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Snow White.  Her mother was the most wicked mom in the whole entire world!  She wanted to be the queen of all the land.  She even had a magic mirror that talks.  She asked the mirror, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s most fairest of them all?”

          “Your daughter, Snow White,” answered the mirror.

          “What?  That can’t be! I must be the most fairest of them all to be queen of this land!”

          “Well you are not fit to be the queen, but I can tell you what you can do to be the most fairest of them all, feed Snow White an apple with poison on it.  She will be gone and you will be the queen,” said the mirror.

          “Thank you mirror,” said the wicked mother.  Underground, “Wicked” has what she calls “an evil lair”.  She had a cauldron of the poison for the apple, another for a potion that will turn her into the most ugliest, hideous, oldest, person in the land to trick Snow White into thinking she was just an old lady.  And another cauldron for chicken soup, incase she gets hungry later.  One day, the old lady was standing in front of Snow White’s house, holding an apple.  Snow White was very hungry and asked for the apple.  The old woman gave the apple to Snow White.  She ate it and nothing happened, “Oops, forgot the poison!  Oh well!”  THE END



The True Story of Cinderella by: Regan

          Once upon a time there was an ugly girl named Cinderella who lived with her evil but pretty step-mother and step-sisters.  Cinderella was treated very badly by her step-mother and step-sisters.  Late one night the price called for a dance at his beautiful, white palace in the ballroom.  The ballroom had so many lights and decorations.  Cinderella wanted to go to the dance so bad but her step-mother wouldn’t let her go.  So, Cinderella sat home alone.  Until a fairy showed up and said, “You are the ugliest girl I’ve ever seen.”  So that moment the fairy decided to turn her into a beautiful princess and told her that she has a spell, and it will wear off at 12:00 midnight.  Cinderella was so happy that she really didn’t care what time the spell wore off at.  When Cinderella arrived at the ballroom, the prince noticed her right away because of her beautiful, sparkling blue dress.  Right away he knew that they were made for each other so he asked her to dance.  Cinderella said yes.  They danced and danced until midnight.  All of a sudden, Cinderella heard a clock strike 12 and she remembered what the fairy said.  Cinderella tried to get away, suddenly she lifted in the air and turned back into herself again.  When the prince saw her like that he said, “You are horrible looking.”  Cinderella just looked down at the ground in shame  Then the prince decided to marry one of the pretty step-sisters instead, and they lived happily ever after.  Poor Cinderella had to run away from the evil step-mother and step-sister, because the one step sister moved out.  The mother and sister would make her do more stuff because one of the sisters moved out with the prince so she actually had one more thing to do.  So that’s the true story of Cinderella!  THE END!




Little Red Riding Hood & The Monster by: Savannah

          Once upon a time, there was a monster and a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood.  People called her that because she was always wearing a little red hood.  Little Red’s Grandma was really sick.  She had the flu.  So Little Red wanted to give her Grandma some candy.  So she went through the woods.  That was the only way to go.  So she went on in the woods and she saw a monster.  He went into her friend, Goldylock’s house.  No one was there.  By the way, that monster was UGLY and smelly!!  So Little Red went inside the little cottage.  She found the monster nowhere to be found.  So Little Red Riding Hood went to her Grandma’s house to deliver the candy.  Little Red’s Grandma looked so sick her skin was turning color a little.  Little Red gave the candy to her Grandma.  Her Grandma took the candy and shoved it in her mouth.  Then, she spit it back out.  “LITTLE RED I HAVE NO TEETH!”

          “Why didn’t you tell me?  Sorry Grandma,” said Little Red.  “I really didn’t know.”

          “It’s ok,” said Grandma.

          “I have to go check on Goldylock’s cottage, ok?” said Little Red.  So Little Red went back to Goldylock’s cottage.  The monster was not there.  The monster went to Grandma’s house just to say Hi (ya right).  So, the monster went.  He knocked on the door and sounded like Little Red and said, “It’s me, Little Red.”

          Grandma said, “Come in!”

          “Time to eat you,” said the monster.  “Ew!!! Why do you have purple skin and smell bad?” said the monster.  “I think I have the wrong granny and so he ran out of that smelly place.  Eventually, Grandma got better and everyone lived happily ever after.  The End.



The Very Ugly Frog Named Prince by: Zoe

          Once upon a time, there was a frog named Prince, who was looking for a princess named Tiara.  One hot day, Tiara was walking by and heard the very ugly frong named Prince crook really loud.  Prince croaked, “Come here my beauty.”  Tiara, dripping in sweat because the sun was shinning really hard.  Tiara continues to walk toward the pond full of lily pads.  Tiara said, “Who’s down there, AHHH!”

          Then the voice of the very ugly frog named Prince said, “Calm down woman.  It’s ok.  I just need you to kiss me, so that I can turn into a human.”  Tiara leaned over and kissed the very ugly frog named Prince.  In seconds, the frog turned into a bunny.  Tiara let out a very loud laugh and said, “What happened to you?  You were supposed to turn into a human.”

          Prince the bunny looked up at the Princess and said, “No, this was not supposed to happen, kiss me once more.”  Tiara kissed him one more and this time the kiss transformed him into a goat.  Now Tiara laughed even harder and stated, “I don’t think my kisses are doing any good for you.”  Prince turned away from the princess and said, “That’s enough of your kiss.  I’m going home.”  As the goat was heading home he began feeling weird, but before his own eyes he had turned into a human, but what he didn’t realize was he wasn’t any ordinary human, he had transformed into a handsome prince.  Princess Tiara happened to cross the same path that the prince was on.  She came to realize the very ugly prince named Prince, was an actual prince.  The End.



The 3 Little Pigs and the Very Stupid Wolf by: David D.

          Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs.  They were so loud and crazy that their mom said, “Go build your own home.”  So they decided to build a house so they can all live together.  Then, they saw a man driving a cart full of bricks.  So one pig asked, “Can we have some bricks?”  The main said sure.  Then, they built themselves a nice house.  In the valley with a path going through it.  The next day a very stupid wolf was walking down the path.  He saw the pigs in the window.  So he said, “I am kind of hungry for pork.”  So he went to the door and knocked.  BLAM, BLAM!!

          The pigs said, “Who is it?”

          The wolf said, “Uh, duh, it’s the wolf and I would like to eat you!”

          “Sorry you can’t do that but you can have tea and cookies with us.”

          The wolf said, “Uh, ok.”  Then the pigs lived happily ever after with a very stupid wolf.  The End.



Alice in Homework Land by: Julia

          Once upon a time there was a girl named Alice who never did her homework.  So one day, she went scuba diving in cold, green, gooey water.  There she found a crumbly cave.  And there was a big fat rock that a blue and slimy whale had to move for her. 

And when she went into the old crumbly cave there wasn’t any water in there.  But there was HOMEWORK!!!!!  Everywhere.  Everywhere she went there was only hard homework.

These two minutes were Alice’s most terrifying two minutes of her entire life!!! But after awhile a little man came up and said, “You will do all of this homework or we will ship you to Alex, the terrifying, man-eating SHARK!!!!!”

But Alice said, “NO!!!”  The End.





The Little Mermaid by: Deborah

          Once upon a time, under the sea, there was a little mermaid with blue hair and eyes, and she had a pink top, and a blue tail.  One day she swam up the sea and saw a prince singing so horrible that he broke all the windows on his ship.  Then she swam as fast as she could under the sea.  Then she saw a huge shark right in front of her and she couldn’t stop swimming, then she got into the shark’s mouth and the shark ate her.  The End.





The Three Little Wolves by: Rachaun

          Once upon a time there was three little wolves.  One lived in a rock house.  The other one was living in a dog house.  And the three one was living in a school.  When the wolves was asleep, a evil pig came and said, “I will oink and blow your house down.”  And the pig did and the wolves got out in time and they went to the wolf that live in the dog house.  Then the pig went to the dog house.  The pig said, “I will oink and blow your house down.”  And he did.  His house went down and they got out in time.  They went to the school and the pig went to the school and said, “I will oink and blow your house down.” And he did.  And they came out and said, “ What do you want?”

          “I want some sugar for what to make some Kool-Aide!”




Jack the Very Dumb Boy by: Ryan

          Once upon a time, there lived an old woman and a boy named Jack.  Jack and his mom were poor.  Jack and his mom were very hungry.  His mom said to sell the cow.  So Jack sold the cow to an old man for beans.  When he got home his mom threw out the beans.  “Why did you sell the cow for beans?  At least we can eat them.  Go to your room!”  The next day, Jack went to go farming.  When he opened the door…sweet mother of pearl a beanstalk!  Jack needed to get around so he went around and did farmwork.  He never got rich.  The End.





The Griffin by: Barbara

          He’s half eagle, half lion.  He’s a legendary bird and he eats all men that come across it.  The King tells the boy, he must pick a feather from the Griffin to marry the King’s daughter.  The fairy tells him that he should pick a feather when he’s sleeping.  The boy does this and gets courage.  The whole court cheers him on.  Then he gets to marry the Princess.  Then they go back to the South Pole and get the Griffin and make him their pet.  They live happily ever after.  Thy End.





Reponsle by: Alex

          Once upon a time, there was an ugly princess.  She was stuck in a tower in the middle of nowhere with snakes.  And every day she would throw her hair out the window, waiting for a prince to rescue her.  But her hair was dirty and smelled.  So finally a prince came by and when he smelled that nasty hair he got back on his horse and left without the princess.  The End. 




Jack and the Jean Stalk by: Adan

          Jack was poor.  He had holes in his clothes.  He only had 3 pennies.  He went to the store but he could only buy 3 beans.  He thought it would be a beanstalk from the other story.  So he bought them.  Then he grew the seeds and the beans turned into a pair of jeans.





The Story of Rapunzel by: Alyssa

          “Hey, Hey, Hey!” Shouted Rapunzel.  “Shouldn’t my name be bigger?!”

          “No,” said the narrator.

          “What?  Why?!” yelled Rapunzel. 

          “Well your in almost every sentence of the story!  What more do you want?”
          “I want EVERYTHING!!!!”

          “Well you don’t get everything Rapunzel.”

          “But I do want everything!”

          “Who cares?” said the narrator.

          “Ugh!  Fine!  Let’s just get on with the story!”
          “Ok,” said the narrator smiling along with being surprised by the sweetness Rapunzel gave him. 

          “Wait, I still want my name bigger!”  The narrator spoke too soon.

          “Okay, Okay, Fine!” The narrator agreed.

The Story of Rapunzel

       “Okay!  That’s better!  So, I’m lonely waiting for my prince… Blah, blah, blah…  Oh, Hey Snow White!”

          “CUT!” shouted the narrator. 

          “Oh yeah!  Speaking of cut, like my new haircut?” asked Snow White.

          “Wow, Yah!” said Rapunzel.

          “Guess where I got it!”


          “STOP, STOP, STOP!!!” yelled the narrator.

          “Hey Bob.”

          “You are supposed to call me narrator!”

          “Oh…Well anyway Bob, I’m going to a tea party with Snow White.”

          “But…” said the narrator (Bob)

          “Bob is his name!” said Rapunzel.  Snow White rolled her eyes. 


                                         3 hours later…


“I am coming for you Rapunzel!” said the Prince.  “Put down your hair.”

“I can’t.  I got it cut.” Said Rapunzel.

“What!” Exclaimed the prince.

“Snow White talked me into it.  Well we can’t finish the story so I guess it is THE END.

“No!  It can’t be the end.  Well, you cut your hair shorter than Cinderella’s hair!  Well, get me a wig.  I guess a wig will do.”  They put a wig on her but forgot to clip it!  The prince started climbing and the wig started slipping.  When he got to the middle the wig fell off.  The prince broke his arm!  Well I guess now it’s THE END!



Snow White and the 7 Princes by: David K.

          Once upon a time there was a princess named Snow White.  She was walking through the woods when she saw 7 princes.  They all had capes, crowns, and probably castles.  They were also all the same.  She picked the 1st  one, he said, “I don’t like you” with a smile.  The 2nd one said “I like you” with a frown.  So she picked him.  When they were walking the prince got tired so he said, “Will you carry me or else I won’t go on!”  Snow White got mad but she had no choice.  She didn’t know the way back.  So she carried him.  He told the directions.  When they got there it was a swamp.  Snow White said, “I don’t like it!”  The prince said, “Too bad, so sad.”  The End.




The Crazy Hen by: Victoria

          Once upon a time there lived a hen in the President’s house.  Then the President and the hen got married and had little elephant babies.  And the three elephant babies moved to the little moods.  But every year, a little mouse would come and score the elephants away.  Last year, they moved to Texas.  The year before they moved to Canada.  And every year they came back to the little woods.  But sometimes the pigs on the airplane were a little big annoying.  So this year when the mouse comes, they planned to move to Disney World forever.  In an hour they heard a note.  Wow!  They saw a little woman.  One of the elephants said, “That’s not a little woman, that’s a mouse!”  So they ran to the airport, threw all that mud.  The next thing they knew they were in Disney World.  But, they saw another mouse and ran.  The little elephants made a trap.  So the mouse fell into a well filled and rolled all the way to the North Pole. 




The Tricky Frog by: Redi

          Once upon a time, there lived a lonely, hairy, fat frog.  He wished he had someone to scare.  One foggy morning he saw a beautiful princess.  He went over to say hello.  When the princess saw the hairy frog she screamed and said, “Get out of my face you little hairball!”  When the frog heard what she said he said, “I know, now kiss me so I can turn into a beautiful prince.” 

          “You really think I would kiss a hairball?”


          “Well you’re wrong.”

          “Hey, do you want to have a prince?”

          “Then kiss me.”  So the princess picked up the hairy frog carefully.  But when she was about to kiss him, the frog burped right into the princess’s face. 

          “Ew, your breath smells like rotten eggs.”
          “I know, now kiss me before I pass gas!”  So she picked him up and almost kissed him.  “Wait,” he said.  He saw a fly, he jumped out of her hands, caught the fly, and landed in the princess’s hands.  Finally the princess kissed the ugly frog.  He turned into a really hairy prince. 

          “You look too ugly for me,” she said.  And the frog lived happily ever after because he was a human, and the princess lived sadly ever after because all she got was ugly princes. 




The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf by: Marcos

          Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.  One of the three little pigs made a house of straw and hay.  Another pig made a house of wood.  Another pig made a house of brick.  But there was a big, bad, gray, wolf with big, sharp teeth that wanted to eat the three little pigs.  So he went to the first little pig’s house and says, “Little pig, little pig, let me come in.”  The little pig says, “Yes, come in.  Join me for lunch.  Let me call my brothers to come over.”  And then the two little pigs came over and ate lunch with the big, bad wolf.  They lived happily ever after.  The end.



Repunsle with No Hair by: Tori
          Once upon a time there was a girl named Repunsle.  She would throw down her long blond hair for a prince to climb up it and be her prince.  So, one day, a handsome prince came and went to climb her hair and all of her hair fell on top of the prince.  Then he looked up at the window and Repunsle was looking out the window and she was BALD!  So he did not like her anymore and so he got on his white horse to find another princess.  But not a another bald princess.  A beautiful princess.  The End.



Created by: J. Kanas 2007


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