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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday

Our Peaceful Protest &“Peace Begins with Me” Writings


Protest Posters

The 4th graders learned about the 13th and 19th Amendments.  We learned that the 13th Amendment made slavery illegal and the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote.  After learning about the 13th and 19th Amendments, we read and learned about Martin Luther King.  We read a story called Martin’s Big Words.  In the story we learned about how Dr. King used protests to spread his message of equality and peace.  He did not believe in violence.

To show our support for the 13th and 19th Amendment, the students created posters.  We walked around the school with our “protest posters” spreading messages of peace and equality. 




“Peace Begins With Me” Writing

The students traced their hands and decorated the sleeves.  Inside they wrote “Peace Begins With Me” and wrote a paragraph about how Dr. King spread peace and what they can do to help spread peace today.  Other students in the school loved our display and many read our ideas about spreading peace.  Remember…peace begins with you!



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