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4th Graders

Wiggling with Worms



        In science, we learned that worms are special types of consumers called decomposers.  Worms do a very important job for the earth.  They take dead plants, leaves, and animals and return the nutrients back into the soil.  The 4th graders learned some fun facts about worms and read a funny book called Diary of a Worm. 

Visit Mrs. Kanas’ page about Bugs & insects to learn more about worms!

        We finished up our week learning about worms by making dirt dessert!  This tasty treat looks like dirt but is actually delicious!  We used chocolate pudding mixed with cool whip to represent humus.  Humus is the part of the soil that is full of nutrients and minerals.  Then we used crushed Oreos to represent topsoil.  We added a gummy worm to each dessert and enjoyed a “sweet” way to end our week about worms.







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