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Howdy! We have been studying the Southwest region of the United States.  The students have saddled up and roped in some new knowledge about cowboys and cowgirls!



 The first true cowboys were Mexican cowboys called vaqueros.  These cowboys taught the American cowboys all the skills they needed!


 Being a cowboy was a hard job!  Sometimes they spend hours a day on their horses and traveled in harsh environments.


 Girls learned wild-west skills too!  Calamity Jane & Annie Oakley were two famous cowgirls.


 Hollywood cowboy movies are more myth than fact.  Cowboys had to herd cattle through Oklahoma, which was Indian Territory.  It paid to be friendly with the Native Americans, who charged a toll to pass through and graze on their land.





Pictures of our Wild West Day

Making “trail mix”, creating wanted posters, exploring cowboy vocabulary, seeing who the fastest “draw” is, designing silver belt buckles, and line dancing…YEE HAW!







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