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*Our Project

Before you start your candy bar report:
History of Chocolate Pre-Assessment
History of Chocolate WebQuest
Graphic Organizer – Inspiration Template

Candy Bar Report Template

After you finish your candy bar report:
Chocolate 3-2-1 Form
History of Chocolate Assessment


*Sweet Chocolate Links

Exploratorium Magazine – The Sweet Lure of Chocolate

A great resource for information about chocolate.  Scroll down and click on “From Bean to Bar” to find out how they process chocolate into candy bars!


Chicago’s Field Museum – Virtual Chocolate Making…from seed to sweet!

An awesome on-line activity from our hometown museum!  Follow the directions and find out how chocolate is harvested, processed, and made into candy. 


Chicago’s Field Museum – Chocolate Fun Facts

Read these amazing and fun facts!  Make sure to scroll to the bottom to continue reading facts about the history and different uses of chocolate.


Hershey Factory Tour

Watch a video from the Hershey factory telling the story of how Hershey chocolate is made.


The History of Chocolate

Navigate the timeline to learn about important dates in the history of chocolate.


Where Chocolate is Grown

Locations around the globe where chocolate is grown


Chocolate Cross Sections

View pictures of the cross sections of different candy bars.  Can you identify them?





Chocolate Activities


Chocolate Bar Math

A great activity for teaching fractions with candy bars.

Chocolate Activities from the Field Museum  (ELL resource – in English & Spanish)

An abundance of chocolate activities and worksheets.  Here are some of the highlights:

          Chocolate and its Environment

ę     Lesson 1 – Chocolate and the Rainforest

ę     Lesson 2 – Cacao tree anatomy

ę     Lesson 4 – Cacao Web

ę     Lesson 5 – Great diagram of the cacao pod


Chocolate and Culture

ę     Lesson 2 – recipe for Aztec chocolate (sequence activity)

ę     Lesson 5 – sequence of chocolate production (can be used with chocolate tour link)





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