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The Southeast

Cherokee Indians




    While studying the Southeast region of the United States, we read about the Cherokee Indians.  We read about the history and customs of the Cherokee Indians and also the Trail of Tears.  We learned that Sequoyah developed the Cherokee alphabet.  In art class, we are making traditional Cherokee Booger Masks. 







What We Made


Dance Wands

We made Cherokee dance wands and drew letters from the Cherokee alphabet and symbols on them.  Dance wands were used during ceremonies such as the Eagle Dance.



Trail of Tears Symbol Stories

     We told the story of the Trail of Tears using only symbols.  It is harder than it sounds!  We found out quickly that words such as “the” or “and” don’t need symbols.  We worked hard developing symbols that represented and told the story.  Symbols for the words “cold”, “sad”, and “walk” were found on many stories. 




Pictures of our dance wands and Trail of Tears symbol stories



Xhorxha’s Trail of Tears symbol story




We are still working on our Booger Masks…

Please check back soon for pictures!




 Cherokee Links


Mr. Nussbaum’s Cherokee Indian History

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