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The 4th graders learned that animals have adaptations to help them survive.  One of these adaptations is called camouflage.  Predators and prey both use their camouflage to hide themselves in their environment.


Corporal Vukmarkaj of the United States Marine Corps Reserves came to our classroom to tell us about how the military uses camouflage.  We learned that the Marines have different types of camouflage depending on what type of environment they are in.  They also camouflage their gear.  We learned a lot about camouflage from Corporal Vukmarkaj!




Corporal Vukmarkaj points to the desert camouflage.

Corporal Vukmarkaj knows a lot about camouflage!

We presented Corporal Vukmarkaj with a donation to “Toys for Tots”, a program that the Marines help with each holiday season.






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