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Buggy Links




















Insect Links


Magic School Bus “Monster Bugs”

Create bugs from nature or create your own!


Ant Boy’s Bug World

Information about many different types of insects can be found here.









Awesome ant information!


Stranger than Fiction – Ants!

Animations of ant colonies and jobs.


Insecta Inspecta

Argentine Ants

Army Ants

Red Fire Ants

Leaf Cutter Ants








NOVA Online –Bees

See inside of a bee hive and more!


PBS Interactive Bee Anatomy

Awesome site!  You can view bee body parts from outer and inner views!

PBS Interactive Bee Hive

Another awesome site!  Go inside a bee hive and see what you find.


Bug Bios

All about bees!


Cyber Bee for Kids

Bee Facts & Games


Insecta Inspecta – Bees

Information about honey, pollination, and hives.







Wayne’s World of Beetles

Tons of pictures, interesting facts, great site!


All About Ladybugs

Ladybug facts, life cycle, myths, crafts, photos, games, and more!





Butterflies & CaterpillarsButterfly


Zoom Butterflies

Tons of activities, resources, and information about butterflies.


Monarch Watch

All about Monarch butterflies and their migration.


Butterflies & Moths of North America

Pictures and information about many types of butterflies.  Click on the map and see what kind live in your state.


Butterfly Patterns

You might think you are looking at art…these patterns are beautiful!  Check it out!


Butterfly Bug Bios

Pictures and information about butterflies.


Caterpillar Identification

Here is a great site to identify caterpillars.  Take or draw a picture of wild caterpillars…but leave them in the wild!


Children’s Butterfly Site

Coloring pages, life cycles, and pictures can be translated in French, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish.


Field Museum – Butterfly Collection

Our very own Field Museum in Chicago has an awesome butterfly collection.  Check out this site for great information!


Butterfly Gardening

What types of flowers should you plant in your garden to attract butterflies?  Check out this site to find out.







Cicada Facts

A page made by elementary school students.


Kid’s Cicada Hunt

Great resource on annual and periodical cicadas!








Insecta Inspecta – Cricket

Great information and information about the noises they make.


Minnesota’s Pollution Control Agency’s – Crickets

Information, pictures…read to find out why crickets make good thermometers. 








Roach World

All about ‘roaches from the “Yuckiest Site on the Internet”.


PBS Roach Site

Information about cockroaches. 






Dragonflies - Bug Bios

Pictures and information about dragonflies and damselflies.


National Science Foundation – Dragonflies

Videos, information and more!








Fireflies – also known as lightning bugs

Why do fireflies light up?  Read this page to find out.


Critter Corner – Lightning Bugs

Great information about fireflies / lightning bugs.








Grasshoppers for Kids

Pictures and information about when and where to find different types of grasshoppers.





Praying Mantis


Praying Mantis Photos and Information

Everything you wanted to know about the praying mantis and a story about one who is a classroom pet!










Spiders by Jim Cornish

Facts, pictures, information about bites…great resource!



Lots of information about spiders!  Great site!


Australia’s Zoo – Spiders

Answers to a lot of spider questions.






Virtual Worm

See inside of a worm without hurting one!


The Adventures of Herman the Worm

Learn about worm anatomy, diet, families, and fun facts.  In English & Spanish!


Worm World

All about worms from the “Yuckiest site on the Internet”







 = ELL/ESL Resource:  These links have information, pictures, and stories in multiple languages.



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