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All About Apples!



The 4th graders learned that trees are producers.  That means, they use photosynthesis to create sugar. The sugar is stored in the plant and is used for energy.  Some plants store sugar in their fruit, like apples.  That is why they are so sweet!


We learned that there are many types of apples and we tasted 4 different types.  We tasted gala, red delicious, crispin, and golden delicious apples.  Some were sweet and some were tart.  The 4th graders filled out a data chart, recording how each apple tasted.  When we were finished with the tasting, the 4th graders created a pictograph to represent their favorite apples.  Check out the pictures below to see pictures of the tasting and of our graph!



103_0325.JPG  103_0329.JPG 103_0328.JPG

103_0330.JPG 103_0331.JPG 103_0332.JPG