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The People

Information about Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacajawea, York, and Seaman – the dog!

Meriwether Lewis biography

William Clark biography

Sacajawea biography

Seaman the Dog

The Mystery of Sacajawea


A Letter to Lewis & Clark from Thomas Jefferson


Lewis & Clark National Park


More about Seaman the dog

Who was York?




The Journey

Information about the famous trail and journey of Lewis & Clark.

U.S. Mint’s Time Machine (click on 1805 to play game)

Interactive Lewis & Clark Map

Lewis & Clark: Maps of Exploration


Lewis & Clark’s Interactive Journey Log


Montana for Kids – Lewis & Clark

In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark


Time Magazine “Lewis & Clark”

Go West across America with Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark – PBS – The Journey of the Corps of Discovery



Discovering Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation – Just for Kids!


Lewis & Clark Trail

Timeline of the Journey






The Discoveries

Information about the discoveries made on the Lewis & Clark journey.

Plant & Animal Discoveries

Plant & Animal Discoveries: National Geographic

How they Preserved Plants

Discovered species that are now at risk






Fun Stuff

Lewis & Clark U.S. Nickel Printout

Sacajawea $1 U.S. Coin

U.S. Mint’s Time Machine (click on 1805 to play game)




For Teachers

U.S. Mint: “Life Along the Trail”

U.S. Mint: “Take it, or Leave it!”

U.S. Mint: “Animal Discoveries”

U.S. Mint: “Row, tug, pull your boat”

U.S. Mint: “Bison Benefits”

U.S. Mint: “I Did it!”

U.S. Mint: “Which would you choose?”

U.S. Mint: “Over the Rivers and Through the Woods”

U.S. Mint: “K is for Keelboat” – alphabet book class activity

U.S. Mint: “People & Places”

U.S. Mint: “Where Are We?”

U.S. Mint: “The Value of Exchange”

U.S. Mint: “History in Pictures”

U.S. Mint: “Many Happy Returns”

U.S. Mint: “Facing the Challenge”

U.S. Mint: “Botanical Discoveries”

Map of Trail: .pdf (without labels)

Map of Trail: .pdf (with labels)

Free Lewis & Clark PowerPoints

Lewis & Clark WebQuest







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