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Mrs. Kanas Presents…










Are you ready to see if you are smarter than a 4th grader in Mrs. Kanas’s class?  Using questions from topics we have already learned in 4th grade, Mrs. Kanas made a “Are You Smarter than a 4th Grader” game on Microsoft PowerPoint.  All you have to do is click the link below to play.




Click on a category to see the questions.  Click the mouse again to see the answer.  If your answer was correct, you can click on the bottom “dollar” button earning yourself $1000.  See how far you can go without a wrong answer.  Please read disclaimer before playing.





     This game may make you feel like you are not smarter than a 4th grade.  Playing this game may cause you to be confused, puzzled, or bamboozled.  The game may cause uncontrollable laughter, tears, or head scratching.  Mrs. Kanas and her 4th grade are not responsible for your wrong answer.  “Are You Smarter than a 4th Grader” is just for fun so don’t contact Mrs. Kanas’s wanting your $1,000,000 if you win. 








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